You've Made It

Take a step in to our natural & organic world - Everything you see is made just as it should, only the natural way - That's good for both you and the planet

Urtekram Beauty Care

Urtekram made a choice in 1972, to be 100% organic. Now they made a choice again – They changed their whole beauty care assortment in to plant-based packaging made from sugar cane. This means less use of conventional plastic and more concern for the environment and for you.

Low Calorie Sparkling Lemonades

The organic lemonades from Level Organic, is the taste of exotic holiday memories. With a bit of sparkling on your tongue and the perfect taste balance of either Sicilian Lemon or Grape Fruit, makes you wanna go back to the bounty beach. Or at least keep dreaming about it. They are perfect just as they are – But also briliant to mix with your Gin – As the exotic twist to your regular Gin and Tonic. Try it!

We are ‘Made Natural’

Made Natural takes our habits back to basics – back to when everything was made from true raw-materials and honest ingredients, made naturally by our one and only nature. That means, only natural and organic products in our portfolio, within snacks, beverages, food and personal care products.

We strive to source innovative brands and products, where sustainability and quality is the keyword. We made a choice not to focus on products which doesn’t do any good for you and for the the planet earth. 

– We keep it simple and we keep it natural, only with you and the planet as our main priority. 

/Made Natural