Thirsty? You’ve got it!

Frankly Juice was established in 2014 with the simple mission of offering transparency and honesty to people, when it comes to what they consume. From their passion towards health, Christian Seiersen and Christian Bowall decided to develop a new juice concept that will keep all the nutrients and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. After a period of hard work, they created the organic juices that contain just the raw products, cold pressed.

Currently, the concept is based around a unique collaboration with Aarstidene, which are providing Nordic Organic with organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. This way, the juices and shots  vary all around the year and the fruits and vegetables used, can be found within the nearest reach. 

The first organic alternative to alcoholic aperitif. Produced from organic garnacha
tintorera grapes with infusions of local Scandinavian herbs such as wormwood, juniper, and yarrow.

anaperitivoTM is a complex expression of an aperitif with many layers of flavor. It has strong floral and herbal bouquet, bittersweet taste and long lasting finish.

anaperitivoTM naturally pairs well with appetizers full of flavor such as olives, strong cheese, anchovies, and cured ham. Main courses such as steak, mushrooms, fatty fish, or sashimi can be well complemented by anaperitivoTM taste.