Thirsty? You’ve got it!

Frankly Juice was established in 2014 with the simple mission of offering transparency and honesty to people, when it comes to what they consume. From their passion towards health, Christian Seiersen and Christian Bowall decided to develop a new juice concept that will keep all the nutrients and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. After a period of hard work, they created the organic juices that contain just the raw products, cold pressed.

Currently, the concept is based around a unique collaboration with Aarstidene, which are providing organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. This way, the juices and shots  vary all around the year and the fruits and vegetables used, can be found within the nearest reach. 

A space of mindful, conscious, well-being. Calm the mind, nourish the soul. Superior tonic herbs and functional mushrooms made for everyday use as part of your daily ritual.

The traditional practice of our tonifying daily ritual dates back to the ancient wisdom of the Nordic forefathers of the indigenous Sami people. To wild forage functional mushrooms from the boreal forests of subarctic Scandinavia and ingest them as brewed healing teas for medicinal application.

Mind Studio continue this ancient practice from the same old-growth forests of the indigenous Sami people above the arctic circle in Finland. Their mushrooms are carefully harvested, full-fruiting bodies from Finland, boasting the cleanest air, soil, and waters ever measured. Ensuring the healthiest, nutrient-dense mushrooms to develop their full spectrum extracts to yield the highest concentration of bioavailable compounds of interest to your nourishing tonic herbalism practice.

Make the good choice the easy choice!

A healthy lifestyle is about balance and the holistic approach is our driving force.
With Raw Culture, we want to inspire and help create full enjoyment in a healthy
lifestyle, so that making the right choices becomes easy – simply a no brainer. For
us, health is everything from natural food/drinks, a rewarding mindset, good sleep,
social interactions, etc.

Divided into 3 categories.
Craft Kombucha – Shots (Supplement) – Pasteurised Kombucha