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March, 2022

New brand full of flavours! 

We are launching Northern Greens organic Liquid Herbs in the Benelux. 

The friends, Michael and Troels saw a huge waste of herbs because they quickly fade away. And the taste was just not the same out of season. It made them think “why not preserve herbs like we preserve chilies?”. Therefor, in 2013, they started an urban nursery near Copenhagen, based on organic principles. The chilies got some extra love and were preserved for use out of season

The herbs can be used in every day cooking and meals – the herbs are preserved with vinegar to give the herbs a longer shelf life and to maintain the taste and flavour. 

2 years shelf life, even when open! 

The Liquid Herbs is now available in wholesales at Biofresh in Belgium and France and at UDEA in the Netherlands. As consumer you can find or request the herbs in your local Ekoplaza and Marqt store. 

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Made Natural B.V.


June, 2021

Frankly Shots is growing


In April we launched 2 bigger siblings to our current 60 ml Frankly ginger shots. The hype of ginger shots has become mainstream quickly, and more consumers are being aware of the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, with ginger shots included in their daily lifestyle rutines.


It was naturally to make a bigbrother and bigsister for the small ones, as a daily rutine with a 330 ml bottle is more convenience for the home consumption, and the 60 ml bottles perfect on the go or in the sports bag.


Our 2 new 330 ml bottles, Ginger Shot 330 ml and Ginger Turmeric Chili Shot 330 ml is now available at wholesaler Hygiena in Belgium and at wholesaler UDEA and all Ekoplaza stores in both The Netherlands and Belgium for regular consumers, together with our 60 ml shots.


Find more information about the 330 ml Frankly shots in the ‘Drinks’ category, or contact us for questions

Made Natural B.V.


November, 2020

True Gum now with True Mints

From January 2021, Made Natural will launch the new Mints from True Gum on the Benelux market. The Mints is natural, Plant based, Certified vegan, Sugar-free and free from aspartame. Small and tastefull mints in small and modern pocket-packaging’s. Launching in three flavours: Fresh Mint, Blackcurrant and Cherry.


True Gum has done it again, they find a problem on the snack market, and hereby replace it with a solution. Only with one thing in mind, bring in a better alternative for both you and the planet. Mints which aren’t filled with bad stuff and comes with a modern branding and design, which can compete with even the biggest and most old-fashioned mint brands in Europe. True Mints certainly have their justification on the snack market and We look forward to roll-out the mints from Q1 2021. Says CO-Owner of Made Natural, Casper Juncher.


True Mints introduction:

We believe in a healthier planet. That’s why we developed a plastic free chewing gum in our home kitchen back in 2017. True Gum is the name, and it’s made with plantbased ingredients that are good for you and also for our planet. Now we’ve taken the same eco-friendly mindset and put it to use in our new plantbased mint pastille – free from sugars, filled with good stuff and wrapped in sustainable packaging. To no one’s surprise, we call it True Mints.


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