Naturli’ ™

The Naturli’ Way is their mantra and the way to visualise their way of thinking when they develop their products. Naturli’ believe that plant-based food is good for the world, good for you and above all, good for animals. Naturli’ products have therefore no animal traces. In other words, the entire Naturli’ range is 100% plant-based.

Naturli’ believe it’s time to make a change. Not only do they want to change the way we eat – they’ll change what we are eating!

Eat plants – there is no planet B!

Nordic Greens – Liquid Herbs

The friends, Michael and Troels saw a huge waste of herbs because they quickly fade away. And the taste was just not the same out of season. It made us think “why not preserve herbs like our chilies?”. Therefor, in 2013, they started an urban nursery near Copenhagen, based on organic principles. The chilies got some extra love and were preserved for use out of season. 

An alternative to fresh herbs, which doesn’t wilt, is ready to use and is always by hand!

An alternative to dried herbs, with a better and fresher taste, where the liquid herbs stays fresher and tasteful for a longer time. The liquid herbs is also absorbed much faster, which gives your food and cooking more powerful taste!

When you grow organic, nature rewards you with a better taste. Thats how we like it!